We are a Team of 5 which include Project Managers and Technies. We have over 30+ Years experience in Desktop deployment projects. Projects we have done for Private and Public sector include and are not limited to:

Exchange Migration

Active Directory Architecture design and implementation

Centralized deployment of O/S (building of O/S and deployment)

Lease Refresh (which includes Centralized deployment of O/S and Applications)

End to end Lease management and consulting services

Novell to Microsoft migration (file, printers, profiles etc)

MSI/SMS/RADIA/AD Packaging and deployment

Thin Client Solutions

Document Conversions

We have rescued many projects, and done many projects from start to finish (Project management plan, budgeting, user interaction, user training, etc) that included all of the above. Please send us your requirements if you are interested in starting or have similar projects that we can help with.