LinkedIn Blog #TenFourTen - 10 Considerations for a Windows 10 Migration

Just in case you have missed the series so far, here are the highlights......


Day 1 - Upgrading vs Imaging

If you are an SMA owner and not an SDA owner you do still have the option to upgrade, standardize and manage only via the SMA, all options should be on the table so you can get the best fit for your organisation

Day 2 - Hardware Compatibility

Don't get caught with the Donald Rumsfeld approach to Endpoint Management, use your KACE box to gather vital project data, but you need 100% coverage......

Day 3 - What Version of Windows 10 will you get and which one do you need?

Knowing what you actually have in your Windows 7 estate is key to understanding what you need to purchase to get you to a full Windows 10 version that works for your organisation, your SMA is key for reporting the facts!!

Day 4 - Application Compatibility