MINNEAPOLIS & HALIFAX, Nova Scotia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 4, 2002--Lanovation(R), maker of best-of-breed software deployment solutions, and Abridean(TM), Inc., leaders in the development of an Application Provisioning and Management platform, announced today the formation of a strategic alliance. This alliance will provide enhanced application lifecycle management capabilities with clear cost savings for clients.

By combining Lanovation's proven software deployment products with Abridean's provisioning and management platform, the two companies can offer seamless application delivery and management infrastructure that ensure no interruption of service to users. The comprehensive solution will enable customers with limited technical resources to:

-- Decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their enterprise applications through automation and simplification

-- Easily setup, deploy, manage and support applications with minimal to no impact to users

-- Enhance the IT department's ability to support multiple users with many applications in geographically dispersed offices

-- Provide compelling offerings/services that meet the unique needs of the end-users

-- Provide powerful delegated administration down to non-technical IT staff so IT can focus on more strategic technical initiatives

-- Enhance support capabilities

Customers use Abridean's application provisioning and management platform to lower the cost of application administration. AbrideanProvisor(TM) and AbrideanProvisor for Enterprise(TM) simplify and automate the set-up, assignment, and management of privileges to enterprise software applications, including leading messaging and collaboration applications. From a functionality perspective, the integrated solution yields a sophisticated automated provisioning, deployment and management system.

Lanovation Prism Deploy(R) facilitates highly reliable software distribution in mixed Windows environments. Designed specifically for use by network administrators, Prism Deploy installs, updates, repairs and distributes software to any Windows 2000/NT, Me or 9x computer or group of computers from a central location with unparalleled security and reliability. Installing software with Prism Deploy is an invisible process that does not interrupt the end-user, so employees remain productive during installations and updates.

"The management of applications and the desktops and servers that run them is an increasingly complex task for network administrators," said Paul Newell, vice president of product management for Lanovation.

"The key to eliminating a great deal of the complexity is to use management solutions that can be quickly integrated, are easy to learn and use, and do what they promise to do with a high degree of reliability; solutions like Prism Deploy and AbrideanProvisor," he said. "By purchasing these best-of-breed solutions, IT professionals will see significant improvements in productivity and efficiency for their departments and companies."

"We are very pleased to be aligned with Lanovation. Their proven software deployment solution clearly addresses the IT manager's need for effective desktop application delivery and management tools," said Sean Sears, CEO and president of Abridean.

About Lanovation

Founded in 1985, Lanovation technology has won eleven national industry awards. Lanovation identifies practical opportunities in leading edge technology and brings them to reality. The company's Prism Deploy(R) software deployment utility is recognized for its ease-of-use, speed, reliability and accuracy while its Radiem(R) web-based technology provides low cost, real time monitoring and control of remote equipment. Located in Minneapolis, MN, Lanovation products are sold worldwide direct or through key distribution partnerships. For more information, please visit our web site at or call (800) 747-4487.

About Abridean Inc.

Abridean Inc. has developed the leading application provisioning and management platforms, AbrideanProvisor(TM) and AbrideanProvisor for Enterprise(TM). Provisor simplifies and automates application provisioning and management. It allows clients to drive to tremendous operational efficiencies and rapidly delivery services to users. Provisor is an XML-based platform that can be easily integrated with other infrastructure software, allowing for the fast and easy creation of complete solutions to meet user needs. For more information, visit