This year I have seen two major companies taking the road of “Less is more”. The first company Nintendo published a new handheld device, the Nintendo 2DS. The Nintendo 2DS will play 3D(s) games in 2D… what ? 3D in 2D ? ok, I’m totally missing the point of this step from Nintendo. The only reason I can think of is “Money”. The Wii-U isn’t selling great since its launch, so Nintendo need to bring a new product that will fill the gaps in their balance. As the 2Ds isn’t innovative at all (imo) it probably didn’t cost a lot to build, so the profit per sold device will be high. Is this the end of Nintendo’s innovation? Nintendo’s 2Ds is just 2 steps back on the innovation ladder.

But Nintendo isn’t the only company who is taking this steps, Apple has also pushed the rewind button. Ever since Apple introduced the first iPod and iPhone the innovation was going forward. But 2013 is the year they take a step back. The Apple 5C isn’t worth the Apple logo by far. The device looks cheap and isnt a redesigned product under the hood. Ok, maybe Apple want to attract new customers (customers with less money to spend). I don’t think so, with a price tag of $550 (!!!). $550 is way too much money for a polycarbonate (just PLASTIC) device lacking innovation.

I may sound a bit frustrated, and I am.  I like progression, innovation, steps forward, the next big thing.

*this words are based on my own opinion and vision and is not written based on facts