Awhile back I stumbled onto the KBE Manipulator. After playing around with it for a while I thought I'd share my experiance uploading .iso files for new boot environments. First the bad newsL ubuntu doesn't work out of the box. It looks like it can be made to work if you don't mind re-packaging your own Ubuntu live cd, but I'm too lazy for that. I did however test out several other working isos:


SliTaz Linux 4.0



NT Password Reset 

I was hoping for an ubuntu compatible linux distro but SliTaz is the only distro I found that booted without any configuration. Also while its a bit ugly it has some useful tools such as GParted, Read access to NTFS file systems, a hardware list and web browser in an iso that is around 40 MB. 

Update: Hiren's Boot CD seems to be partially working as well. I haven't used previously and it has quite a bit of functionality I need to explore.