• Summary: The different ways to submit tickets to technical support is by e-mail, phone, or using the form within the K1000 appliance at Settings --> Support Tab --> New Kace Ticket (which is also http://k1000/adminui/bug_report.php) and how to test submitting tickets.
  • Symptoms: Can't submit tickets to the kace helpdesk
  • Cause: Problem with submitting tickets to the kace helpdesk
  • Steps to resolve issue:

You will know it is working if you get an email confirmation from support@kace.com with the ticket number (i.e. "TICK:XXXX") in the subject field.

To test if it should work please do the following:

  1. Log in to your K1000 appliance as "admin"
  2. go to Settings --> Support Tab --> TroubleShooting Tools
  3. Click on "Edit Mode"
  4. From the Network Utilities section choose "email sending"
  5. Type in "support@kace.com"
  6. Click "test"

The resulting output will tell you if it is working or not. Look carefully for errors as they can be hard to spot. Any errors means that you will not be able to send tickets this way.

Note: If you have a K1200 appliance then some of above tabs and links might be under the SYSTEM organization (at http://k1000/systemui/xxxx instead of http://k1000/adminui/xxxx) instead of the Default or other organizations


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