Summary:  How to Get Logged In User Information

How To:

With this you can find out who is logged into a computer at any given time. 


Download PsTools from Microsoft - you'll need to do this on any system you want to run the Machine Action on: 


I extracted the contents of the ZIP to C:\PsTools, but you can put it wherever you desire, you just have to specify that location instead in the Machine Action. 


On your K1000, go to Settings > General Settings > Machine Actions. On your K2000, go to Settings and Maintenance > General Settings > Action Icon # 1 or 2. 


Create/edit your machine action to include this: 

cmd.exe /K "c:\pstools\PsLoggedon.exe" -accepteula \\KACE_HOST_NAME 


This will bring up a command window that lists any users logged in locally to that system as well as anyone accessing it remotely.