Summary: In 3.4, the kcleanup postinstallation task does not run with sysprepped images.  Use the post installation task in your images to make kcleanup run.


This package was exported by support, and can be imported into your K2000 under Settings | Package Management | Import K2000 Packages.  From the choose action drop down menu select "Upload package for import..."  Then browse to the file .pkg file of download and select it.  Go to Deployments | System Images and go into the details page of the image you wish to modify.  You will find the post install task, "Run KCleanup."  You should move this to be your last post installation task, then save your image.


12/31/2012  This issue has been resolved by version 3.4.63129 so if you are not at this version upgrade and KCleanup will function automatically again