Updated November 21, 2012 to keep current 5.4 release

Summary:  The KBOX upgrade does not automatically upgrade your agents because older (but recent) versions of the KBOX are usually compatible with the newest version of the software, but newer versions of the agent are not necessarily compatible with the OS you are running. E.g Windows 98 or Mac 10.3

To give you time to upgrade your agents a server upgrade will automatically turn off the agent update feature.
Log in to http://www.kace.com/support using your personal credentials (same credentials that you use to open support tickets).


Steps to resolve issue (5.3 and below)

  1. Download the latest client bundle from here: http://www.kace.com/support/customer/downloads.php
  2. On your KBOX browse to Settings->KBOX Agent->Agent Updates from KACE
  3. Note the "Loaded KBOX Agent Updates" shown at the bottom portion of the page. Make sure these are correct and up to date
  4. Click "Edit Mode"
  5. Select "Enabled"
  6. Select which Machine groups (ie labels) you would like to deploy it to.  Be aware that if you check "Deploy to All Machines" and not by Machine group  will updateall clients so evaluate your network bandwith if you choose this option.


Upgrade your appliance to 5.4.  New feature to detect new agent update has been added.