Summary:  Every night the KBOX 1000-series server automatically runs the backup script at 2AM local time by default.
It backs up two files called:
kbox_dbdata.gz - Database file
kbox_file.tgz - File system


The nightly backup can be run manually by using the following instructions (Please be sure others are not using the KBOX Server before executing this procedure).

1. Go to KBOX Settings -> Server Maintenance -> Edit Mode -> Press 'Run Backup' button.
While the KBOX Server is running the backup, the KBOX server will not be accessible until the backup process is finished.

To download the backup files out of the KBOX Server:
There are two ways to download the backup files either from the KBOX Server Maintenance screen or by manually FTPing the files to a local filesystem

From the KBOX Server:
1. KBOX Settings -> Server Maintenance screen
2. The two files are located on the lower right-hand-side of the page (kbox_dbdata.gz and kbox_file.tgz), both are links and can be downloaded from the browser.

Via FTP into the KBOX Server:
1. ftp <KBOX_HOSTNAME>  (Host Name can be found in Setteings\Control Panel\Network Settings )

2. Username: kbftp , password: getbxf
3. Type binary
4. Type mget kbox_* (This will retrieve both backup files)