• Summary: Multiple machines are behind a firewall or proxy and show up with the same IP address.  These systems have their own inventory entry and the hostname is correct but the IP address is the same.
  • Symptoms: You have multiple machines that are checking into the K1000 appliance with the same IP address. They all have their own inventory entry and the hostname is correct. The only thing that is the same is the IP address.
  • Cause: Some proxy servers, routers and / or gateways can mask the IP address of the machine that is making the request to the K1000 appliance. The IP address that is given is often the IP address of the proxy (on the "near-network" side) rather than the IP of the machine.
  • Steps to resolve issue:  The K1000 appliance has a feature called the "optional ignore client IP setting" which makes a better effort to find the actual IP of a machine instead of the proxy.

In 4.0 servers this feature can be found at http://k1000/adminui/settings_general.php

In the K1200 series appliance this feature is specific to each "Organization" 

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