KACE K1000: What do I need to know about client bundles? 

  • Summary: The client_bundle is designed to update the K1000 Agent deployment files that are stored on the K1000 appliance via a single file. This replaces the previous solution ( in 3.1) that required you to upload separate files for each platform.
  • Symptoms: Customer isn't sure how to update the kace agent bundle in the k1000
  • Cause: Customer is new to the box or doesn't remember where the location is at
  • Steps to resolve issue:

Agent Updates and Client Bundles


The client_bundle is designed to update the K1000 Agent deployment files that are stored on the K1000 appliance via a single file. This replaces the previous solution ( in 3.1) that required you to upload separate files for each platform.

This bundle should only be applied to K1000 appliances at version 3.2 or greater. This affects two areas of the K1000:

  1. Settings->K1000 Agent->Agent Updates from Kace
  2. Settings->K1000 Agent->Advanced Provisioning

*Note: older version of the K1000 appliance had this in a different location

When you apply this bin file to your server, the older versions of the clients will be removed and replaced with the files contained in this bin file.

NOTE: The K1000 Agent Update settings will be DISABLED after applying file. You will need to view them and confirm the label and settings and ENABLE it again if you want the agents to deploy to your network.

All the Provisioning Setups will also be DISABLED and will need to be reenabled to deploy the new agent versions to your network.

Obtaining the Bundle

The latest client bundle can be downloaded from http://www.kace.com/support/customer/downloads.phpThe latest release notes are also on that page. Older versions must be obtained by contacting support.

Notes on versions

The client bundle has a version that may be different from the versions of the client inside them and / or may be different from the server that matches that client bundle. For example, in Oct 2009 the latest client bundle was 5.0.25648 This bundle contained the following client versions:

  • Windows 5.0.25648 AP
  • Mac OSX 5.0.25648 AP
  • RedHat 5.0.25648 AP

But were only to be used with server version Server 5.0.25766 MR Release (or higher)

When To Apply the client bundle

You must upgrade the server to a supported version before updating the client bundle. The matching server version is always listed in the release notes for the bundle.

After the server and clients have been updated you can usually run a mixed envrionment of agents with the newest server version. However, you should read the client bundle release notes to be sure and plan to upgrade your agents either way.

Applying the Client Bundle:

  1. Download the client_bundle_X.X.XXXX.bin file and save it locally.
  2. Open Browser session to http://k1000/admin/
  3. Select Settings->K1000 Agent->Agent Updates from KACE
  4. Select Edit Mode in the section "Upload K1000 Agent Update Files"
  5. Select the Browse button under the Update K1000 section, and browse to the downloaded file
  6. Select "Load Bundle File"
  7. Once it finishes uploading and applying
  8. Go to Settings->K1000 Agent->Agent Updates from Kace and verify the labels are what you want, then click the Enabled checkbox to enable this upgrade.
  9. Go to Settings->K1000 Agent->Advanced Provisioning and verify each of your setups are what you want, then click the "Configuration Enabled:" checkbox to enable this upgrade.

Verify the Bundle Installation

Verify that the Client Bundle was update successfully by checking these locations match the expected version

  • the version on Settings->K1000 Agent->Advanced Provisioning k1000/adminui/provision_config.php)
  • the version show on Settings->K1000 Agent->Agent Updates from Kace->Loaded K1000 Agent Updates (http://k1000/adminui/client_update.php)
  • open the file \\k1000\client\agent_provision\windows_platform\version.txt
  • the name of the files in \\k1000\client\agent_provision\mac_platform and \\k1000\client\agent_provision\rpm_platform contain the new version

Agent Behaviour

After you enable the agent updates above, the agents will update automatically when they check in. First, they will perform an inventory and then they will upgrade if necessary. After the upgrade they may not inventory again for several hours. This means that the agent version that is reported in inventory is inaccurrate. You must wait (or force) the agent to check in again to report the new information


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