• Summary: Instructions on how to map drive letters to the kbox 1000 from Windows
  • Symptoms: Need help with how to map drive letters
  • Cause: Need help with how to map drive letters
  • Steps to resolve issue:


Map a drive for client installs

First set the password for the clientdrop share by:

  1. 1100: go to Settings->Security Settings
    1200: go to Settings->General Settings->Samba Share Settings (each ORG has it's own settings)
  2. turn on "edit mode"
  3. enable the share
  4. set the password

Via Explorer

You can browse to Tools-> Map a Network Drive and choose the option to "Connect Using a Different User Name"

Via Command Line

Note that the password (pa55w0rd) in the below examples is not the default and can be set in your general settings in the areas mentioned above.

net use * \\k1000\clientdrop /user:admin admin

If that fails then try three commands in order to delete old entries and recreate a new one:

net use \\k1000\clientdrop /delete
net use \\k1000\client /delete
net use * \\k1000\clientdrop /user:admin pa55w0rd