• Summary: How to access KBOX backups.
  • Symptoms: Nightly backup files are stored on the appliance drive.
  • Cause: Standard process.
  • Steps to resolve issue:

The KBOX automatic nightly backup saves two files on the backup drive: kbox_dbdata.gz, containing the database backup and kbox_file.tgz, containing any files and packages you have uploaded to the KBOX. The backup files are used to restore your KBOX configuration in the event of a data loss or during an upgrade or migration to new hardware. The KBOX has built-in ability to restore from the most recent backup directly off of the backup drive. For an additional level of recoverability, you may want to offload your backups to another location. The backup files can be downloaded either through your browser using the links to the backup files on the KBOX Settings/Server Maintenance tab, or by ftp using the following commands:

C:\> ftp kbox
user: kbftp
password: getbxf
> type binary
> get kbox_dbdata.gz
> get kbox_file.tgz
> close
> quit