Summary:  You may need to re-image your K1000 Appliance.

Things to consider:  Verify what version your database backups are.  They must be the same as the version you are re-imaging to.  This article is intended for a user who wants to re-install the OS for the current version.  If you suspect database corruption or any issues CONTACT DELL KACE TECHNICAL SUPPORT FIRST as you may have to load previous server versions to catch up to the present.

A common reason for this article is when new users install the K1000 and have locked themselves out of the system because of misconfiguration while filling out information in konfig/konfig.


If you have the original ISO and it matches the version you are at follow the instructions below.  If the ISO is not at the current version Contact Dell KACE Technical Support for assistance.

1) Allow the system to boot to the DVD, it should already be in the boot order.  

2) The system will begin to re-image.. 

3) When completed the system will eject the DVD and allow the system to reboot.  

4) Boot into the Kbox Operating System for the first time 

5) Once beginning to boot into the Kace O/S - DO NOT REBOOT OR POWER OFF  

6) During this first bootup, it will take 3 minutes to complete the 
self-configuration. It is very important to let it complete undisturbed!  

7) When it has completed the first bootup it will reboot itself 

8) Second boot  

9) It will take 2 minutes to complete the second bootup 

10) At its conclusion, you will be shown the Login: prompt on the 
console where you can enter konfig/konfig to setup your network configuration and after that you can load your backups.