KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager - Q3CY19 Update 1 Release

We are excited to announce our most recent updates to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager!

What's New

This month we’re announcing the general availability of our Policy Management and macOS Enrollment features. Our fully functional Policy Management feature extends touchless configuration and management of mobile devices while enforcing device compliance. The full macOS enrollment workflow now includes the ability to manage passcodes, which aligns it with iOS enrollment capabilities.

In addition to General Availability for the Policy Management and macOS features, we’re also releasing App Usage Restrictions for Android.

Release Details:

Policy Management

Admins can now create, manage, and link policies in KACE Cloud MDM, as well as access compliance information for users and devices. The policy library houses different configuration packages that include settings for Wi-Fi, VPN, apps, passcodes, and OS-specific options. To better illustrate the basic workflow of policy management, we've included the diagram below.


macOS Enrollment

macOS device enrollment follows the same process as enrolling an iOS device. After installing a provisioning profile on the mobile device, the admin provides an enrollment URL to the device user to initiate enrollment. We recommend using the Safari browser to ensure a better enrollment experience for the end user.

App Usage Restrictions

The new Android app usage restrictions are the equivalent of usage restrictions for iOS—however, Android does not support the ability to 'disallow' apps. With Android, admins can achieve the same results by choosing to 'Allow ALL approved apps' or 'Allow specific apps'.

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