This is more of an FYI.

If you build a Mac bootable usb key and manually make the following changes you can image your macs from a external device without having to netboot. This is from memory and may have to be tweaked.

create the directory /opt/kace with permissions 777 and change the owner to user:wheel. User being the user account that you logon with. SMB mount /opt/kace/peinst and /opt/kace/petemp to your k2 or rsa. You will also need get_kbox_server in /usr/local/sbin that outputs the server IP or Name. It can be as simple as echo k2000. Run the imaging tool that is in peinst.

If you browse the scripts inside the k2000 media manager you can get a better understanding how this all works.

In testing this is too slow with usb 2.0 drives. I am working on another method based of the installation media.