I was having a great deal of trouble provisioning to a certain PC that was not connected to the domain. I manually provisioned it instead and then continued to have problems where I couldn't push software to it. I dug into the runkbot logs and found that sometimes it was using the kbox's full name, including domain, and sometimes it left the domain off. When the domain was left off, it failed.

I was able to successfully provision this machine when I changed the K1000 server name in the provisioning area to the full name including domain, but this didn't resolve the download issue.

I was able to get the computer to continue to check in by setting the Primary DNS Suffix to the domain. You can find this in the same area you'd usually set a computer name, look for the "More" button. By default, it is unset.

You can also manually change the checkin server in the amp.conf file found in c:\ProgramData\Dell\Kace\. That folder is also where you will find the runkbot log. I believe this will be overwritten by new provision jobs coming through.