Starting in version 7.0 of the K1000 Management Appliance cross platform reporting is enabled. This will allow users with multiple K1000 Management Appliances to report across linked devices. Today we are looking at using this feature to create reports from specific organizations from within the K1000. Reporting at the Systemui is a current feature, however if a person only wanted to report on a part of the available organizations they would need to modify the SQL. Which may be difficult. This work around aims to simplify reporting on a specific set of organizations.

To start the user will need to be logged into the Systemui of the K1000 Management Appliance.

Navigate to Settings > Control Panel > General Settings and select Enable Linked Reporting.


Select Save and Restart Services at the bottom of the page to save these settings.

Then navigate to Reporting > Linked Reports and select Choose Action > New.


At this time create a Title and Category for the new report, along with a brief description of its intended purpose. Then select Next at the bottom of the page.


Since we are only reporting from one K1000 Management Appliance expand the Local tab to display the available organizations from which to report.


Select the desired organizations from which to report and select Next at the bottom of the page. At this point select LOCAL appliance, the organization from which to run the report, select the Category, and lastly select the report you wish to run. The reports listed are ones which have been previously created in the Reports section of the Systemui.


Now certain reports can be ran at the Systemui level and targeting at only specific organizations. I hope this article was helpful, let me know what you think.