VMWare is Looking for Great Build Release Engineers!

VMware, the industry leader in high-performance, enterprise-class x86 virtualization technology, is looking for a Senior Build Release Engineer to provide and maintain a reliable, repeatable and robust build system which exceeds the requirement of engineering, QA and IT.

The Build Release Engineer would understand and accurately track the root cause and frequency of all build failures, and work with engineering to engage new policies to reduce the occurrence of non-build related failures in order to dramatically reduce the turnaround time for diagnosing and addressing build failures.

For build system related failures, The Build Release Engineer would create a sustainable solution to fix the root cause of the issue. The Build Release Engineer would also deploy build hardware, configuration management and IT/TechOps procedures to ensure that the build team is able to fulfill all build requests, create new processes to unblock key engineering managers on frequent, standard issues that currently go through the build team, and investigate the biggest build related pain points for engineering and work with them to find mutually acceptable solutions.


Run, debug, and maintain VMware's build and release process and provide daily and nightly build support for engineering and QA; run custom builds as needed, monitor running builds and spearhead broken build issues, and provide fast turnaround on build issues during release cycle.

Develop, debug, and maintain VMware's internal tools including: official build process, Tinderbox build system, developer build tools, source control wrappers and tools, build reporting and statistics, and internal build group productivity tools.

Work with Purify and other Windows and Linux debugging tools, integrate third party debugging tools into build process, and develop web based tools to report on build, branch, and project status for use by developers and product managers.

Manage Perforce source control system, by managing Perforce optimization, performance, backup and recovery operations and provide end user support for developer, QA, doc team Perforce users.

Support, modify, and expand current Makefile based build system on Windows and Linux.

Help support, maintain and upgrade InstallShield on Windows and build machines, as well as debug and fix InstallShield build issues.

Deal with Linux kernel upgrade issues for the VMware product and compile custom VMware modules for all new major Linux kernel releases.

Create escrow media and official CDs to be delivered to manufacturing.

Support .Net build environment on Windows. Help design .NET build environment and debug .NET build and development problems.

Work on 64 bit cross compilation environment. Deal with 64 bit build issues.


· Must have BS or MS in Computer Science

· Must have 5+ Years of Industry Experience in Build Release

· Must know CVS or Clearcase or Perforce

· Must have Perl (including Perl for web content) and Python scripting

· Must Have done software development on both Linux and Windows platforms.

· Ability to configure and build Linux kernel

· Experience working with gcc

· Shell programming (bash/csh)

· Windows 2000, Windows .NET

· InstallShield

· Cygwin

· Strong regex skills.

· Purify or other debugging tools.

· HTML, CGI, webserver configuration.

· Experience with cross compilation environments.

· Experience with complex GNU make based makefiles.

· Experience managing Linux and Windows boxes.

· Knowledge of C/C++ to debug compilation and linking issues.

Interested parties can send resumes to:

Scott Bradley

s and bradley at vmware dot com