VMWare is Looking for Great Build Infrastructure Engineers!

VMware, the industry leader in high-performance, enterprise-class x86 virtualization technology, is looking for an organized and detail-oriented Build Infrastructure Engineer to play a critical role in improving build infrastructures to improve productivity for both development and build engineering.

As the Build Infrastructure Engineer, you will get the opportunity to work closely with build release team and senior development engineers in products and design meetings in large scale projects. The Build Infrastructure Engineer will engage new tools into our environment by proposal, design and implementation, and must be independent and have strong leadership skills.

Job Requirements:

3-5+ years of experience in software development roles on Windows and/or Linux platforms.

Must know Python and Perl scripting or other OOP scripting

Must know CVS, Clearcase

Must have expertise in C/C++

Must have Automated Build experience.

Must have in-depth understanding of makefiles. Experiences with SCons strongly desirable.

Must Have done software development on both Linux and Windows platforms

Desired: experience with multiple build environments, such as Solaris, VXworks, Mac, Win, Linux, RedHat, SuSe, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu.

Desired:strong SCons or ANT

Understand symbol resolution issues, including both dynamic linking and static linking is desirable

Experience working with scripting subsystems in excess of 10,000 lines of code.

Expert in open source tool configuration processes such as Buildforge, Electric Cloud, Toolsmith

Extremely knowledgeable in the entire development build tool chain, including compilers, linkers, debuggers, and editors. Experiences building cross-compilers is desirable.

Experience building GNU autoconf/automake based open-source software on Unix platforms is desirable.

Interested parties can send resumes to:

Scott Bradley

s and bradley at vmware dot com