We are pleased to announce the update for JiJi Active Directory Reports.

The following features are added in this version:

  • The following report types are added in this version

    • Schema Reports

    • Trust Reports

    • Container Reports

    • Service Connection Point Reports

    • Printer Reports

    • Account Status Reports

    • Terminal Services Reports

    • Contact Reports

  • The following additional reports are added in NTFS reports

    • File Folder Permissions(Detailed View)

    • File Folder Permissions(Summary View)

  • The Exclude OU feature is added to avoid unused OU in reporting.

  • The option to run JiJi Active Directory Reports without installing it has been added.

For more details, please visit http://www.jijitechnologies.com/jiji-active-directory-reports.aspx


Narasima Perumal

JiJi Technologies Team