We are pleased to announce the update for JiJi Active Directory Reports.

The following features are added in this version:

  • Report sending option included in the main UI. It supports follwowing two options "Send report as mail body" and "Send report as attachment"

  • Run As option included for Schedule

  • Option to STOP the bulk report generation and show the status report after bulk report generation

  • Show status report(View Summary) after scheduling

  • Speed Optimization for "Search" & "Sort" operation

  • Speed Optimization for "Export" &"Print" operation

  • Speed Optimization for generating "All Group" reports with group members

  • In Mail server settings, send mail with high priority option added

For more details, please visit http://www.jijitechnologies.com/index.php/jiji-active-directory-reports.html


Narasima Perumal

JiJi Technologies Team