In working on our continued effort to shape the Following of tags and content into a more engaging feature for ITNinja, you'll see some work has been done to better manage what you follow. Under development now is an email alert feature which may be leveraged to receive email alerts for activity on content (questions, blogs, links) you follow. Watch for this in the coming weeks! For the here and now, below is what was just pushed live last night...

  • The User Profile has a few improvements starting with switching to tabs loading on different pages, which speeds the loading of your profile pages and will enable more profile changes in the future
  • The User Profile now has an improved Following tab to better manage what you are following; you can see it all in one place, and may unfollow content, users, software, etc.
  • Members may now unfollow content they created (which enables ITNinja to implement alerts and notifications soon)
  • AppDeploy message board posts that had attachments are now all properly migrated and represented on ITNinja as links to downloadable files
  • Content hidden by admin is now more clearly represented
  • Some new Communities have been added including, Desktop Authority, ChangeBASE, MSI Studio, and others
  • Minor visual consistency issues were fixed