We had a release a couple weeks back I didn’t bother to advertise, it basically allows us to create what we are calling “Product Communities” which are tag pages with a few more features. So far we’ve created one for the AppDeploy Repackager and the repackaging webinar materials (more is on the way). But for this latest release, we’ve got some significant updates you’ve probable started to notice already. Let’s call em out:

  • Research Page. We've redesigned this page to provide familiar tabs and lists of popular software and content to help you find our best stuff quickly.
  • Link Page. This page has also been redesigned to make browsing our shared links easier and more consistent with the rest of the site.
  • Beta Search Improvements. If you've not yet tried our new beta search, check it out - it surfaces popular software better with improved relevance (Software with tips are now “extra relevant” results). You’ll also find a link to it from our standard search in an effort to get more people to give it a go.
  • Tag/Topic pages now have convenient contribute links that will automatically include the relevant tag when submitting.
  • Topic pages now have the same tabs for questions, blogs, and links to make browsing content easier and consistent with our tag page design.
  • Avatars and belts. We've increased the usage of avatars on the site, to put more focus on the authors of questions, blogs, links and in our commenting system.
  • Commenting system. Aside from increased use of avatars, we've also made other improvements to indentation, editing and flagging.
  • Numbers of Answers. In lists of content on the site that include questions, you will now see an indicator of the number of answers the question has (and green if it's marked as answered).
  • Profile counts under "Activity Summary" are now properly reflecting a member’s activity.
  • Hidden content. When a member removes their own content or an admin removes content from the site, it is now much more clear as to why (including a link to our new FAQ entry).
  • Blog posts now support tables and emoticons!
  • Lots of bugs have been squashed including: retaining bulleted list format for tips and questions, authors can delete answers and tips, and deployment tips are now sorted by tip count.

As always, your feedback (positive or negative) is requested and appreciated. If you have a specific feature request, please make use of our UserVoice forum.