Another big update. This one took a bit longer as the much needed feature of allowing members to add software and tags was a significant one that needed considerable development and testing time. This and a lot more...

  • Members can now create their own software and topic tags. While submitting content, click 'Suggest a Tag'
  • Creating software tags allows members to create new companies, new software or new versions for existing software
  • Popularity algorithm was updated to help make finding tags easier and to better expose popular content
  • URLs/links in blogs, questions and tip content are now displayed properly as hyperlinks
  • Blog formatting updates with better handling of special characters and line breaks
  • Search page has improved format and style (tabs for filters)
  • Search page has new helpful links under "Can't find what you're looking for"
  • Inventory records have improved formatting and also properly support IE8
  • Corrected "Share with AppDeploy Live" links from KACE appliances
  • New members must validate email before contributing to help reduce spam
  • SEO: increased the number of site map files to increase search engine indexability
  • Bug: Various browse pages and ajax requests excluded from search results
  • Bug: Long software and company names displayed better
  • Bug: Loading topic pages fixed for topics with the most content
  • Bug: Input filter keeps characters out of question/answer/comment content that can make the content unreadable
  • Bug: Sometimes green check for answered questions wasn't being shown
  • Bug: Answers provided before a user was approved now consistently award ninjapoints to the user upon approval
  • Bug: Following column now retains value on software browse page

As always, keep that feedback coming at