Another month, another big release toward making ITNinja the best IT resource on the net. Actually, this is our second launch this month! In tonights update, the following new changes have been introduced…

  • Suggested tags. We now look at the title of newly submitted content and suggest tags based on the keywords used. To add a suggested tag, just click on it!
  • The blog home page has been redesigned to match the rest of the site. You can now get a readable filtered view of blogs based on user or tag.
  • The Q&A section now hides the form to post an answer behind an explicit “Answer Question” button to help deter use of the Q&A system as a threaded conversation. Any comments to a question are now visible by default.
  • The title of the software page now conveys what filters are in place
  • Members may now choose to globally turn off milestone email notifications in profile settings.
  • Hidden items will no longer appear in the activity feed
  • The list of software with recent updates on the site home page now includes the company name for better clarity
  • Topic pages are now displayed as a standard tag page
  • The “Code” format button has been added to the ask a question form
  • Bug: Voting on software failed to redirect member to log into the site
  • Bug: Use of some special characters would cause errors when setting a password
  • Bug: The page length for displaying questions on the Q&A home page was not functioning properly
  • Bug: If you were following content and also had a reply, it was possible to receive two email notifications for the same update
  • Bug: Typing a bracket character in the search box would cause an error in search results

Among other things, we will be working to collect more details on content and tag usage in order to provide time constrained lists of popular content and tags in our next release.