As promised, the new search is finally here. We've spent a lot of time trying to get this right but it's not all here yet. We've got plans for more advanced filter options which I think is especially important to those that want to use the new search to create custom RSS feeds. Keep that feedback coming! Here is the full blow by blow of last night's release:

  • New Search! Google search has been replaced with our own custom solution. Any search references to the previous search engine have been maintained for backward compatibility. Tags based on entered keywords will be returned in the sidebar, you can do some basic filtering of results and you may subscribe to any results via RSS.
  • Point Limiting. Point caps are now in place for many activities. You can continue to perform actions on the site without limits, but you may only score so many points for a given activity per day. If you reach a limit, a message will be displayed at the top of the screen alerting you to the fact.
  • Top Community Users. We now show top users on community pages. Points scored that relate to the community's tag are calculated to feature top contributors (so the number you see here is a subset of a user's total points; those points attributed to the communities tag). 
  • Improved Tag Results. We've improved tag matches based on what is typed in the tag picker control. What shows up is based on both exact matches and what we believe to be the most relevant results for your selection.
  • Members Bans. Members who abuse the site may now be banned (as opposed to simply being forever unapproved). 
  • Bug: search results by recency was not working properly in the beta search
  • Bug: for some software pages, visiting a software page without specifying a version would not automatically default to the latest version as desired
  • Bug: the same software will not be listed twice together on the home page's list of recent software tips

Next we are looking to improve the Software detail page and activity feed. Please continue to help us focus our efforts to improve the site with your valuable feedback!