Topeka, KS – INSYSTEK, the leading provider of Agentless™ IT management solutions announced today that comprehensive Agentless™ software distribution capabilities for the Windows platform are available for organizations of all sizes.

INSYSTEK® Control Center and the INSYSTEK® NSMC enable network administrators to remotely deploy full software applications, security updates, hot fixes and more without the use of an agent or client on the remote system.

“The ability to distribute software to remote systems without the use of an invasive presence on the system means that security is not compromised” states Alex Turner, CEO of INSYSTEK. “Agentless™ software distribution has been an integral part of our systems management offering from the very beginning (1999). We provide organizations with the capability to deploy full software packages, hot fixes and security updates to their remote systems efficiently and securely.”

Systems management products have enabled the deployment of software to remote systems for several years; however the large majority or these applications make use of an agent or invasive presence on the remote system to accomplish this IT management task. “The difference between an INSYSTEK® Agentless™ solution and a competitor product is the unique ability our solutions possess, allowing you to deploy critical software applications without vendor code residing on the remote system, competing for valuable local system resources and potentially opening the network up to vulnerabilities” explains Turner.

The demand for better management of IT assets is increasing as organizations search for ways to develop and maintain new competitive advantages in today’s increasingly global marketplace. “We have customers throughout the world who have achieved significant savings by utilizing INSYSTEK solutions to manage their IT environments. These savings are not only realized in the rapid implementation phase that Agentless™ solutions enjoy but also in the low maintenance and added security that the absence of an agent or client offers.”

The full range of INSYSTEK® solutions includes INSYSTEK® Inventory Manager (PC auditing), INSYSTEK® Control Center (PC auditing, software distribution), and the INSYSTEK® NSMC (PC auditing, software distribution, performance monitoring). The complete range of management solutions provide administrators with the ability to easily perform system audits, software distributions and monitor their networked environment (servers and desktops) for real time performance and availability data. INSYSTEK® IT management solutions do not require the installation of an agent or vendor presence on the remote system in any fashion.


INSYSTEK, Inc. has established itself as a leader in Agentless™ IT management software, supplying solutions that enable system auditing/inventorying, software distribution/removal, and server performance & availability monitoring capabilities to clients in business, government, education and healthcare in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa.

More information, including FREE trial versions, can be found at or by sending an e-mail to or by calling toll free 1-877-467-9783.