Gmail is one of the mostly used web-based email client by several users. However, when it comes to choosing a platform for businesses & large organizations, users prefer to use Office 365. Office 365 provides an online productivity suite containing online & offline versions of MS Office applications, Skype for business, Exchange etc. Due to the inbuilt Office Suite that comes with Office 365, users wish to switch from Gmail to Office 365. The blog will be discussing an approach to import Gmail to Office 365. 

How to import Gmail to Office 365
Users may find Gmail more simple & easy to use as compare to Office 365 but availability of Office applications in Office is a great advantage, which is one of the reasons why users wish to import Gmail to Office 365. Migration involves importing the Gmail emails, contacts, and calendars using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).
Steps for importing Gmail to office 365 are as follows:

1. Verify that you own your domain
If you wish to migrate your domain to Office 365, verify that you own the domain you used for Gmail account. Verification of domain is done while you set the office 365. 
Other option is to use domain, included with Office 365 subscription instead of using own custom domain. In that case, you can add users & omit this task. 

2. Add users to Office 365
You can add single or multiple users at a time. While adding users, you need to add licenses to them. Every user has to have a mailbox in Office 365 before migrating email to it. A license is also needed that includes Exchange Online plan to use the mailbox.

3. Create list of Gmail mailboxes to migrate
In this part, you create the migration file that includes a list of Gmail mailboxes to migrate to Office 365. The file will be created using Excel & it may contain up to 50,000 mailboxes with file size limit of 10 MB. Steps for creating file are:
  • Sign in to Google Admin Console using administrator username & password
  • Go to Users Tab after sign in & select each user to identify user’s email address
  • Sign in to the Office 365 admin center and go to USERS >> Active users
  • Open MS Excel to create the file using Email address, username & password
  • Enter the  credentials of each mailbox you want to import
  • Email Address will contain the email address of Office 365 mailbox
  • Username contains sign-in name of the user’s Gmail mailbox
  • Password has the app password for the user’s Gmail mailbox
  • Save the file in CSV file format & Exit MS Excel
4. Connect Office 365 to Gmail
For smooth migration, Office 365 needs to connect & communicate with Gmail, which can be done using a migration endpoint. Steps for creating migration endpoint are:
  • Go to Exchange Admin Center (EAC)
  • In the EAC, Go to Recipients >> Migration >> More >> Migration Endpoints
  • Select New (+) to create migration endpoint & choose type as IMAP
  • Set IMAP Server to on the IMAP migration configuration page, without making changes in the default settings
  • Choose Next and after testing the connection to Gmail, enter migration end-point name on the Enter general information page.
  • Click to New to proceed the creation of migration endpoint. 
5. Import Gmail mailboxes to Office 365
In order to import multiple Gmail mailboxes to Office 365 at a time, we will use migration batch. Steps involved in creating migration batch & starting migration process are:
  • In the Office 365 Admin Center, choose Admin >> Exchange
  • Select Recipients >> Migration in the Exchange Admin Center
  • Click on New(+) >> Migrate to Exchange Online
  • Select IMAP Migration >> Next
  • Click on Select the users page, choose Browse to add the migration file we created
  • The number of users will be listed after Office 365 validates the migration file & click on Next
  • Select the migration end point created on the Set the migration endpoint page & choose Next
  • Take the default values on the IMAP migration configuration page & choose Next
  • Enter the name of the migration batch on the Move configuration page & choose Next
  • On the Start the batch page, we will choose Browse to send a copy of migration reports to other users and choose automatically start the batch >> New
  • The migration will start immediately with status Syncing 
  • To verify the working of migration, Go to EAC and select Recipients >> Migration
  • We need to check the mailbox and migration file used, if the task fails.
  • Last verification of successful mailbox migration to Office 365 can be done after login to Office 365 and check if the emails are present. 
6. Import Gmail Contacts to Office 365
To import contacts to Office 365, we can copy the Gmail contacts to Office 365 by exporting their contacts to CSV file and then importing that CSV file in Office 365. Steps are as follows:
  • Login to the Gmail account
  • Go to Contacts of the Gmail
  • All the contacts will be listed
  • Click on More and select Export Contacts option
  • Select Outlook CSV option and click on Export
  • The exported file will be saved in CSV file
  • Login to Office 365 to import 
  • Go to People and click on Settings >> Import contacts
  • Choose the CSV file by browsing it and click on Next
  • Successfully imported Gmail Contacts to Office 365
7. Import Gmail calendar to Office 365
Steps for importing Gmail Calendar are as follows:
  • Sign-in to Gmail account
  • Search for Google calendar
  • Go to Setting Menu and then settings again
  • Go to calendar and select Export calendar
  • Save the icalendar file containing calendar entries
  • Login to Outlook account & import the icalendar file using File >> Import >> choose import icalendar file
  • Choose the file created and click on Import
  • Import process begins and after completion, calendar entries are accessible to both Outlook and Outlook Web Access
The blog has been discussing about the import process of Gmail emails to Office 365 using IMAP. It further defines the method to import the Gmail calendar and contacts to Office 365. Users can refer the procedure explained in the blog for the migration process of Gmail to Office 365. And further for time saving if you have configured Gmail to Outlook, in this scenario you can import Outlook PST file to Office 365 directly.