During a training a customer asked me how was possible to monitor the usage of the disk of the K1000 and K2000 appliances.
My first idea was to suggest them to have a look in the logs tab time to time or read the Charlie Root email that the appliance periodically sends but they were looking of something different so I started to look into SNMP.

I never used SNMP in my life so I started to dig about the topic.

To dig in the SNMP I used two powerful software:

MIB Browser from iReasoning and SNMPGet from SNMPSoft.

Using MIB Browser I found out that the K1000 and K2000 are exposing a table called hrStorage where you can find all the information about the storage space used and the available one.

If you click on the table to select it and you press CTRL+T you will see the table.

This is important to determine the OID of the value you are interested in.

Once you found the OID of the value you are insterested to monitor you have a couple of choices.

Or you but the license for the professional edition of the MIB Browser that is even able to poll periodically the value and graph it or, for more flexibility, you can use the command line SNMPGet to dump only that value.

This is the sample command line:

SnmpGet.exe -r:k1000.kace.local -o:.

You can redirect the output in a file and then use a script to interpreter it and....so on.

I shot a short video on how I use these software:

It is important to use the MIB Browser (or equivalent) to find out the OID to monitor. Currently I do not know if the OID about the disk space is the same (has the same index) on all the appliances so before to implement a solution with the command line SNMPGet is better to find out.

NOTE: SNMPSoft and iReasoning are third party companies. Please refer to their web site about the license agreement about the use of their software.