MS Outlook provides contact folder to its users where one can save information regarding a person or an organization. It contains the list of people you want to be in touch with. The contact folders contain multiple fields which can be selected by the user according to his need. The fields in the contact folder include:  Address, Multiple Phone Numbers, A picture, Birthday and much more information related to the Contact.

How to add or create contact in MS Outlook?

Add a Contact:

Step-1 : First you have to open “MS Outlook” then click on “Contact” that can be found at the bottom-left corner, a new window will open.


Step-2 : At the upper–left side of the Outlook toolbar, click on “New Contact”. A new dialog box will open. You can fill in the required detail like your name, Company Name, Job Title, etc. If you want to add the designation before name, then click on Full name button. You can also add contact picture. You can assign a particular category to any contact like green, red, yellow etc. from the Category tag.

Keyboard Shortcut: To add a new contact in MS Outlook, Press “CTRL+ SHIFT+ C”.


Step-3 : Now, click on “Save & Close” button. If you further want to add more contacts then click on “Save & New” button. Now your previous contact has been saved. You can manage your contact by clicking on “View tab”and then click on “View Settings” Button. From there you can choose your mode like Business Card, Card, List, and Phone. Your new saved Contact will look as shown in the screenshot.


You can also add group contact by New Group Contact option. This is another option to create a distribution list as present in earlier versions of Outlook. Under this, Group email addresses under one name. Good to use when you are about to spearhead a project with many people involved in it. It saves time when sending the same mail to multiple recipients. Every person in the group can be regularly updated about the changes and amendments in the project. There is a limitation to add number of people in a group.

Click on “Save and Close” button. In order to send a mail to a particular group, create a new mail and enter the group name in the “to” field. It will automatically include all the members of the group and send mail to all of them.Add a contact based on an existing contact:

When you want to create different contacts that share Common information such as Company Name, Job Title, and Address, you can copy an existing contact and then edit the copy of contact to include other information.

To do this:

  1.  First, you have to make the duplicate copy of contact by right clicking on the existing contact and paste it by using “Ctrl +V” command.
  2. Double click on existing contact, a new window will open and edit the information.

Add a Contact based on the Sender of an email message that you receive:

Outlook contact can easily be created for the person who had sent a mail. In order to do so, you can follow these steps:

  • Open or preview the message of the person whose contact you want to add.
  • Right click on the name of the person.
  • From the drop down list, select the option “Add to Outlook Contacts”. This will open a window in which you can edit all the other fields. Save and close.

Add a contact in public folder

Using Outlook, contacts can even be added to the public folders. For this purpose MS Exchange Server account is required.

  • To create a public contact, Open the Public Folder.
  • If you don’t find Public Folders in the Navigation Pane, then you can find it:

>> Clicking on the folder list in the Navigation Pane, you can find the Public Folder-Username Folder.

  • On the Home Tab, Click on New Items and then click on Contact from the drag down list.
  • Now, fill all the required information that you want to include in Contact.
  • Under the Contact tab, after filling the information, click on “Save and Close” button that can be seen below the menu bar at upper-left corner.


How to Import contacts from Excel Sheet

Step-1 : First you have to Open “MS Outlook” and then Click on “File” tab >> “open” >> “Import”.


Step-2 : On clicking an Import option, a new dialog box will open, click next as shown below in snapshot. From there you can choose what you want to import.


Step-3 : Here, as I discussed about import contact from Excel sheet, so you have to select MS Excel and click next.


Step-4 : Now,Browse your file you want to Import from your saved location.Select the Do not import duplicate items option and click next”. Select the folder where you want to import the file and click next to proceed.


The fields of the excel sheet should be maintained in the same order as the fields of the contact form in Outlook to allow the correct mapping.