How to Convert Multiple Outlook Emails to PDF?-Solved

One of our readers asked, “Hello, I have more than 1000 emails in my mailbox. These emails have the most crucial information as my bank details, etc. That’s why I want to store these emails in the form of PDF file format. I have tried the built-in approach, but it is time-consuming and complex to convert. So, can you help me to convert these precious Outlook emails to PDF by using a direct strategy?” 

As we know that Emails are playing a vital role in every business and organisation. It contains valuable and private information that should be store safely. The missing of one information leads to a massive loss. That’s why Lots of users want to save Outlook emails as PDF because PDF is secure and easily accessible. 

PDF file format provides a high-level of security to your sensitive data, and you can lock your file and give permission to certain people for accessing your data. As well as, you can handle files with ease.

Reasons to Convert Multiple Outlook Emails to PDF

  1. Users can view the page in both Online and offline mode.
  2. PDF is easy and secure to use.
  3. Almost every device support PDF file format.
  4. Save more information with less size of the file.
  5. PDF files can be secured using password protection.

Systematic Approaches to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF File Format- 100% Proved

Following are the 2- systematic approaches to transfer Outlook email to PDF format. For more information, you may go with the write-up.

Method 1- Export Outlook Emails to PDF Online Using the Print Feature

  • First of all, download and launch the Outlook application.
  • Then, double click on the email message that you want to convert into PDF file format.


  • Next, tap on the File option from the menu bar. then click on Print. Here, you will get HPFCC4 option below the printer.


  • Now, tap on the drop-down menu and choose Microsoft Print to PDF option.


  • Next, click on the Print option and move to the next step.


  • Then, select PDF as saving format and provide the file name. After this, click on the Save button to save the file to the desired location on your Desktop.


  • Finally, Outlook email has been saved in a PDF file format.


Method 2- Convert Outlook Emails to PDF using Outlook option

  • Launch MS Outlook and select the email message you have to migrate.


  • Then, tap on the File option and select Save As option.


  • Now, choose the desired location and select saving type as HTML. Then, click on the Save button.


  • After saving the file, right-click on the saved HTML file and open with MS word.


  • Next, click on the File option from the menu bar and select the PDF file format.