SSH (secure shell) needs to be enabled to allow KACE Engineers remote access to the Appliance. This process permits console access to the K1000 for troubleshooting and other activities in conjunction with technical support to resolve an issue.



To enable SSH, you will need to be logged into the Appliance with Admin credentials or an in assigned Admin Role.

Go toK1000 Settings--> Control Panel [tab]-->Security Settings

Security Settings--> [edit mode]--> check the box for "SSH Enabled"

  After you check the box, go to the bottom of the page and "Set Security Options" you will see a security pop-up that will warn you of a reboot

Choose "OK" when you are able to allow the Appliance to restart.


  If it appears that you are not able to enable SSH, please check your credentials access. Additionally, please contact KACE Technical Support (See "Additional Notes" Below on how) or consult the Administrators Guide located here: 


Additional Notes:

How do I contact KACE Technical Support?