Hello all,

I 'm new on this board and I would like to inform you I develop a tool to deploy automatically softwares on windows and linux.

This tool called Hideploy is in part of H-Inventory project which is an asset manager to inventory your workstations, servers windows, Linux, BSD solaris, helpdesk management, monitoring and more ...

For windows, we can deploy via :

- http : automatically download the package and execute it

- a windows share..

- windows packages could be exe, msi etc..

For linux we can deploy:

- via apt for debian users

- rpm

- sh, perl , bash linux scripts via HTTP.

The communications beetween the client and the server are in Soap.

It is a beta version so I am looking for testers if someone is interested.

Description: http://www.h-inventory.com/content/view/41/59/lang,en/

I make a video demo too here: