For those of you using LANDesk Management Suite or any of the solutions that contains the inventory component, MarXtar Ltd have released a free of charge enhancement for the LANDesk products.

Designed to give a clear real-time picture of the power state of all systems, Power State Notifier Lite updates the machine inventory record immediately upon change of state such as Power On/Off/Suspend, and Logged On/Logged Off/Locked as well as indicating when screensavers are active.

With this data being immediately available, software distributions can be accurately targeted to immediately available systems rather than attempting to reach systems that are not available. In addition, it is simple to view exactly what the power state of the organisation is at any time of the day through the scheduling of LANDesk reports against this data so it is easy to see bad usage trends such as systems left unused for extended periods of time or systems left switched on over the weekend.

This is a free of charge enhancement that even sets up the LANDesk software distribution package and targets itself for distribution. Take advantage of it and get a clearer picture of your LANDesk environment.

Visit for more details.

LANDesk Power State Notifier includes full product details including screenshots, product guide, and access to the free download.

Hope all you LANDesk users find this useful.