enteo Software GmbH, producer of the NetInstall™ Client Management suite, extends its product range and supports now also Citrix platforms.

Innovative New Product Delivers Faster ROI to Citrix Users

Filderstadt, Germany – October 10, 2005 - enteo Software GmbH, a leading provider of technology solutions that automate software/operating system deployment and maintenance, today announced the launch of a new product – enteo Management Suite for Citrix Presentation Server™.

The enteo Management Suite for Citrix Presentation Server simplifies, secures and fully automates software and configuration management for Citrix Presentation Server™ farms and other fat or “rich” clients (desktops, notebooks, etc.). Given that more than 160,000 organizations use Citrix access infrastructure each day, enteo’s end-to-end solution will help Citrix administrators cut IT costs and reduce the exorbitant time traditionally spent on manually configuring and updating applications and software installations.

“enteo’s solution ensures that the installation, administration and maintenance of Citrix products are virtually trouble-free,” said David Jones, corporate vice president, business development and corporate affairs, for Citrix. “With the access infrastructure market expected to grow to .6 billion by 2007, we are extremely pleased to have found a partner like enteo Software whose products take into account the particular requirements of Citrix farms and guarantee a faster ROI on Citrix Access Platforms.”

Key benefits for Citrix customers are:

  • Central management solution instead of piecemeal packaging – Provides a single, end-to-end solution that automates all pieces of software configuration management: from testing and packaging to installation to reporting and documenting every activity/result.

  • Secure, headache-free change management – Creates a test environment that exactly mirrors a company’s live system to model how solutions will behave post-modification. Ensures potential problems are identified long before they would impact users.

  • Seamless integration of Citrix Presentation Servers and Fat/Rich Clients – Companies with both traditional PC workstations (fat clients) and a Citrix platform can benefit from enteo’s comprehensive solutions that help manage both environments in parallel and with one single tool. Every package created – whether for an operating system, application software, patch or update – runs in both environments.

  • 24/7 Availability – Applications are available on Citrix servers 24/7, even during maintenance work. Well-scheduled, precise server maintenance helps ensure IT staff is freed from having to work overnight.

  • Increased efficiency through role-based Software & Configuration Management (SCM) – Automatically assigns servers a role and synchronizes comparable ones so that updates and installations are applied to comparable servers consistently/at the same time.

  • Simple ‘drag and drop’ procedures – Intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it easy to set up Citrix presentation servers or add new servers, users and applications into the Citrix environment. More than 140 automated installation and configuration functions are available.

“A growing number of companies are moving from conventional client-server architectures to Citrix server farms, raising the demand for and strategic importance of a well-run Citrix infrastructure,” said Stephan Glathe, Managing Director and CTO, enteo. “The enteo Management Suite for Citrix Presentation Server not only saves Citrix users significant time and resources, it also helps ensure that Citrix servers are faster, more secure and easier to update and maintain than ever before.”

In addition to benefiting Citrix administrators and end users, enteo and Citrix have also partnered to introduce another new product that facilitates the Citrix Access Platform sales process. The enteo Sales Accelerator for Citrix Presentation Server dramatically reduces the Citrix sales cycle and inherently lowers the cost of sales.

Pricing and availability

enteo Management Suite for Citrix Presentation Server was first available to customers on September 1, 2005. The software is offered for less than € 34 per concurrent user, with volume discounts available. For more information or to request an online product demonstration, please visit the enteo Web site at http://www.enteo.com.