• Install Endnote X8 on a MAC from the site installer DMG that you received from the vendor.
  • Activate it and do any updates you need.
  • Create a DMG file from the install Command line(Don't use Disk Utility because it will not capture hidden files that includes the /Applications/Endnote X8/.license.dat file.) 
  • hdiutil create -size 500m -fs HFS+ -volname EndnoteX8 -srcfolder /Applications/EndNote\ X8/ /path-to-save/EndnoteX8.dmg
  • Attached the created Endnote.dmg to the manage install and use the below to deploy on devices
  • hdiutil attach ./EndnoteX8.dmg && ditto /Volumes/EndnoteX8/ /Applications/EndNote\ X8 && hdiutil eject /Volumes/EndnoteX8

    Thought it might be helpful to some one.