IRVINE, Calif. and CAMBRIDGE (UK), November 15, 2004 -- When Tadpole Technology [LSE- TAD] announced an agreement to acquire Stream Theory, it quietly signaled a major event in the streaming-software industry.

Tadpole is combining Stream Theory with subsidiary Endeavors Technology to create a clear market leader with rich technology, noteworthy customers, and a vision to grow the global market. With their consolidated IP portfolio, the combined companies are immediately positioned as the de facto industry standard for on-demand software-streaming solutions for business and consumer gaming markets.

Traditional methods of getting Windows-based applications to users are being made obsolete by the demands of todayÂ’s enterprises and consumers. CD-ROMs and full-program downloads that need to be installed are expensive, time-consuming and account for a sizeable part of support costs for software companies and corporate IT departments. Server-based/thin-client computing does not provide a full PC user experience. Software streaming provides the best of both worlds, with the TCO advantages of centralized streaming servers and local execution of programs that are delivered on-demand.

Software streaming is an underlying technology that supports utility computing, software-as-a-service and pay-as-you-go pricing. For enterprises looking to build agile IT to address dynamic market conditions, streaming on-demand software is a standout technology. Acceptance of software streaming has moved beyond early adopters to early mainstream users and continues to provide a competitive IT and business advantage.

According to Leslie Fiering, Research VP at Gartner, Inc., “Enterprises seeking to achieve competitive advantage from their IT investments need to be among the first in their industries to identify and leverage innovative and influential products and services.”

Game developers and others in the global on-demand gaming market, which according to DFC Intelligence is projected to grow from $1.9 billion in 2003 to $5.2 billion in 2006 and $9.8 billion in 2009, use streamed software to increase revenue and customer loyalty by offering titles over the Internet for purchase, rental or trial, all with anti-piracy protection and an optimum game-play experience. Software streaming is also a platform that creates new revenue opportunities for software vendors, portals and ISPs who can use it to create software-on-demand and managed services.

”The Endeavors and Stream Theory software-streaming platforms are well-positioned to compete aggressively in the software distribution market, taking share from alternatives such as CDs, downloads and push-based products. That is a tactical way for companies to drive down the cost of IT,” said Keith Bigsby, CEO of Endeavors and Stream Theory. “But we also provide strategic value when we help prospects develop entirely new revenue opportunities. For example, with customers like MCI and SOFTBANK BB Corp. of Japan, we weren’t displacing another product in the IT arsenal; we jointly created new business lines and models.”

The two Tadpole subsidiaries have synergistic benefits in the software-streaming market. Endeavors Technology addresses the enterprise market in the U.S. and Europe, providing software that streams applications on-demand over networks to PCs. EndeavorsÂ’ flagship product, AppExpress, is a software-streaming platform aimed at enterprises, application- and managed-service providers, software developers and educational institutions. Endeavors' customers include Adobe, AutoDesk, MCI, Microsoft, Parsons and Volvo IT.

Stream Theory, a pioneer in games-on-demand, complements Endeavors Technology and holds an early and core patent. Stream TheoryÂ’s streaming-software service was developed for game publishers and developers, software e-tailers, software portals and application service providers. In September, Stream Theory announced the deployment of its streaming software technology by SOFTBANK BB, Japan's largest broadband service, to offer games on a subscription basis to four million Yahoo!BB users.

“Innovative technology markets such as streaming-software are often started by visionaries that lack long-term resources to build viable companies. The merger of our two companies creates a formidable organization that has the customers, people, products and patents to create great value and accelerate market growth,” said Steig Westerberg, COO of Endeavors and Stream Theory. “No other company is focused on and committed to streaming software as we are. There is a significant opportunity for the combined companies to expand the reach of this market into wide-spread industry adoption.”

About Endeavors Technology

Endeavors Technology ( provides a fast, economical, and piracy-free approach to application distribution and streaming. The client-centric architecture offers dramatic improvements in scalability and reduced operational costs compared to existing technologies, and significantly lowers the cost of ownership by reducing IT setup, maintenance and support efforts by providing automated application management. Endeavors' AppExpress solution eliminates the need to install applications, upgrades or patches on individual client devices. Endeavors Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tadpole Technology plc (, a listed company on the London Stock Exchange (EPIC-TAD).

About Stream Theory

Stream Theory, Inc. (, founded in 1996 with headquarters in Santa Clara, California has developed a patented framework that is a piracy deterrent for software publishers. Stream Theory is a leading supplier of software streaming technology for delivering and managing software applications worldwide over IP and digital media. Leading software publishers, developers, portals, ASPs, corporations, and broadband ISPs have deployed the company's patented technology. Stream Theory is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tadpole Technology plc (, a listed company on the London Stock Exchange (EPIC-TAD).

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