To get notified time to time, Microsoft Outlook is embedded with the option of enabling “Sound Alert”. This option helps user to get a voice alert whenever he is busy performing other task. So at that time he need not to repeatedly open the window and look for the mails instead he/she will get a notification sound. By default, this setting is turned on. But user as per his requirements can disable this option also. This is nothing but a better way to handle your emails.

Now you must be thinking how to enable or turn on this setting??

It is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1.     Click on the “Tools”.

2.     Then click on “Options”.

3.     The window appeared is divided into sections. Under Email section, click on “Email options”.

4.     After this click on “Advanced E-mail Settings”.

5.     Enable or tick the option of “Play the Sound”.

Now, after enabling this option, every time of receiving the mail in the “Inbox”, users will be notified with the voice alert.

User can also turn off the voice alerts by disabling the option of “Play Sound Alert”.

And if the situation arises that you are unable to receive a sound while receiving mail in the inbox, in that case user can check the computer settings. To check the sound settings of the PC, proceed with the below listed steps:

1.     Go to “Start” menu. Open the “Control Panel”.

2.     Type “Sound” in the search box.

3.     Click on “Change System Sounds”.

4.     Click on “Sound” button and check if “No Sound” option is selected.

If No Sound is selected, then select any other sound to enable the notification tone. By default window default tone is enabled.

5.     User can also select any other sound by browsing it. “Browse” option is also available below.

6.     Click “Ok”.

Following the above steps user can enable/disable the message tone for the mails arriving in the inbox. At the same time user should also know that this will only provide notification for the mails in your inbox. The rest of the items of Outlook will remain unaffected.