We are here to instruct you how to locate Inbox Repair tool to download Scanpst.exe in Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and latest 10 for both 32bit as well as 64bit OS.

It is an inbuilt repair tool developed by Microsoft that help the user to diagnose whether the files are corrupted or damaged and repair them if needed. It is first aid for corrupted or damaged PST files. This in-built tool is mostly referred to as ‘Scanpst.exe’. It comes with MS Outlook as an attachment and gets planted in on users system as they install Outlook as Mail client on their system. What it does is, it first scan the whole file and check whether the file structure is intact. If it finds some error when it would first reset then reconstruct header. The one and only drawback this Scanpst .exe aka ‘Inbox repair tool’ has is it only scans the PST or OST files, the mailbox on the server are left untouched.

Find Location of Scanpst.exe files
According to the MS Outlook and windows version the file location of Scanpst is subjugated to change means for different versions there is different file location.

Microsoft Outlook Version

Scanpst.exe Location for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

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Steps to repair Corrupted PST file using Scanpst.exe
Step1# Once the Scanpst is located. Run it.

Step2# Now from browser select the corrupted or damaged file that you want to recover.

Step3# After selecting a PST file click on ‘Start’ to scan.


Step4# After scanning process finishes, it will show the error of the file. Click on ‘Repair’ to fix the corrupted PST file.

Note: You need to exit Outlook along with all other application that is mail-enabled and you need to know the exact location of the file that you want to repair.

Download Scanpst.exe - How Inbox Repair Utility Works with Folder
Scanpst.exe constantly examines every folder in the .pst files and performs the following activities:
  • It checks the right tables are combined with the folder.
  • Check each and every row of the table to make sure that the message or the subfolder is present in the machine.
  • On the off chance that message or subfolder isn't discovered, ScanPST expels that column.
  • In the event that ScanPST gets the message or subfolder, it validates that message and also the folder.
  • If the specified validations process fails, then Scanpst remove that from the table as it is considered as corrupted.

What to do if Scanpst does not work

The Scanpst have many drawbacks so it does not work most of the times. It’s very slow, time-consuming and incapable to handle multiple PST files at once. Due to all these it better to use a tool that is easy to use, fast and time saving like Sysinfotools Outlook PST Repair. It has three different recovery modes (Standard, Advance, Deep). Can recover files of any size and preview feature let us see the files, emails, calendar, and attachments etc before recovering.  The free version is also provided to evaluate the working mechanism of the tool.