Not quite a product announcement but a desperate plea for assistance.

I bought MaSaI eidtor last summer - I presume I got version 2.4. Anyway of course they were soon taken over by ScriptLogic who persuaded me to upgrade (for free admittedly) to their 3.02 release. But I hadn't used it until just now and I now find major errors trying to save my MSIs and need desperately to get some done today if possible.

I've logged a problem with Script Logic but they don't have the nice forums that George Plummer used to help out his customers on, so I really need to regress my installer to the MaSaI version that worked for me till March. However I recently rebuilt my machine and with it trashed my copy of the download .exe and I have scoured the net and can't find one anywhere.

If anyone is still using MaSaI or has recently upgraded and hung onto the installer .exe file is there any chance I could have a copy please?


jock Coats

in a Panic, Oxford, UK.