So I recently signed my company up for LogMeIn. The IT department has moved to a new building offsite because we've run out of office space in our main building. So, we needed a way to provide remote support to all of our users. We got LogMeIn Pro subscriptions for all of our servers and we are just using free on all our client machines. Originally I started deploying LMI manually to each PC I touched, but then we got a Dell Kace K1000. I was looking for a way to deploy it using the KBox and after doing some digging around I found a way. 

This method requires you to have LMI Central and of course the Dell Kace KBox.

  1. Log into LMI Central and click on Deployment
  2. Click on Add Installation Package at the top of the page.
  3. Configure your options. You can set expiration dates, deploy free or Pro subscriptions and many other options.
  4. The end result is a customized MSI with all of these options preconfigured, so that when the installer is run all the info is already there. Download and save the MSI package.
  5. In your KBox go to distribution and create a new managed installation.
  6. Upload the MSI file you downloaded from LMI.
  7. For the installation command select Use Default
  8. For the Run Parameters enter /quiet /i. This will install LMI silently. Note that after the install a window will pop in the lower right stating that the computer is now accessible via LMI. You may want to warn your users this is coming or install it off hours.
  9. Configure the rest of the options to meet your environment needs.

Then, deploy to your heart's content! 

When I setup my deployment I did not specify groups. I figured it was easy enough to sort computer manually after, although I'm dealing with less than 100 client PCs. For those of you with larger environements you may need to create seperate installers per groups and create corresponding labels in the KBox so the deployment is a little more seamless. 

If you have any questions about the steps I've outlined here please don't hesitate to contact me!