There is a new BIOS update for your clients, but the K1000 doesn't have an option to enter the BIOS password when deploying the BIOS update package.
Create a script to deploy the BIOS.
  1. Upload the BIOS package as a dependency
  2. For the step deploying the package use the Launch a program option
  3. Set the Directory to: $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)
  4. Set the File to: <the name of the BIOS update exe file name>
  5. Set the parameters to the following:
    1. /s /f /p=<bios password>
    2. Example: O9010A10.exe /s /f /p=password
  6. Save changes for the Launch a program configuration box
  7. Add another Launch a program option
  8. Set the Directory to: $(KACE_SYS_DIR)
  9. Set the File to: cmd.exe
  10. Check the Wait for completion check box
  11. Set the Parameters to: shutdown -r -t 30 -c "BIOS Upgrade" -d p:1:1
    1. That will have the system restart 30 seconds after the upgrade and make note in the event system
  12. Save changes for the Launch a program configuration box
  13. Save the script
  14. Test deployment to a test system to confirm proper execution
NOTE: With this method of deployment the XML file for this script located at "%allusersprofile%\dell\kace\kbots_cache" will contain the BIOS password. If the folder permissions aren't sufficient to prevent your users from viewing this information then you may want to use an alternate method of performing the actual execution, like a batch file, which you can configure your script to delete after the batch file has been executed.