Today, DataCaptive, a Business Intelligence company with a global presence rolled out a revolutionary B2B Marketing App – The Contact Builder App. Through the app, the company equips marketers and businesses across the world with data-driven intelligence which leads to action-oriented marketing strategies. Once signed up, the app delivers fresh and highly customizable data and insights to a user. The verified data in the App can be customized based on marketing metrics such as industries and geographic locations.


According to the company’s sources, the application promotes ethical marketing and encourages users to focus on consent based conversion. A user can add prospects to subscription or mailing list prior to sending out emails or campaigns. This will lead to reduced spamming, digital stalking, and e-mail bouncing rate, and increased response ratio which can eventually lead to better sales and financial growth.


How Do Marketers Gain from the App?


The one thing a marketer loves the most is data which is mightier than 1000 billboards put together. The Contact Builder App empowers users with the power of accurate, precise, and relevant data using which one can target decisions makers directly. Here are a few benefits anyone who has access to the revolutionary Contact Building App stands to gain:


·         Access to data and  insights that can be used across digital marketing platforms

·         Knowledge to formulate better social media strategy

·         Data to enrich CRM

·         Better chance to nurture leads

·         Key information that enhances ABM campaigns

·         Insights that help facilitate better e-commerce conversion

·         Use the power of data to recapture stale leads


What makes the Contact Builder App several cuts above the rest is its ability to deliver fresh data every time a user signs in. The data within the App is cleansed using patented machine learning tools in order to offer users relevant data whenever they access the platform.


Fresh data and useful insights, that is what the app promises and that is what it delivers.


About DataCaptive


DataCaptive is a Business Intelligence Company based in California. The company, since its inception, has been focusing on enriching their client’s marketing efforts with unparalleled ideas. The experts at DataCaptive work towards strengthening the communication channels between the company’s clients and their customers. From lead generation to market research, DataCaptive is always committed to growing their customers business.