ManageSoft Corporation, a world leader in corporate software management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of an innovative software license management solution for large organizations. The announcement confirms the company's continued commitment to product innovation.

"In a changing business environment where mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs are increasingly common, it is vital that businesses effectively manage the legalities of different software vendor license agreements," said Walter Elliot, ManageSoft Corp CEO. "ManageSoft enables IT managers to wipe out the inefficiencies that cost many organizations millions of dollars in unused, lost, or incorrectly deployed licenses. The bottom line is that you need to reduce future software license requirements AND use existing software licenses efficiently. ManageSoft does both."

ManageSoft 6.1 reduces future software license requirements by enabling organizations to carefully target software distribution to specific groups of end-users and computers. For example, a finance application could be allocated to finance employees in an individual office (or even an individual floor). Unlike competitive solutions, ManageSoft 6.1 also enables administrators to specify whether particular software is 'mandatory' or 'optional'. ManageSoft automatically distributes and installs 'mandatory' software for the entire targeted groups (including users connecting across the Internet). 'Optional' software is not installed but is instead added to a personalized list of applications that end-users in the targeted groups can select from. Organizations can also customize the end-user interface to include company-specific software categories - 'sales force software', for example.

"With ManageSoft 6.1 end-users anywhere in the world can view a personalized list of available optional software, and all mandatory software installed on their individual computers," said Elliot. "This highly accurate targeting avoids wasting software licenses on end-users that will never use a particular application." ManageSoft automatically installs any optional software that the end-user selects -- and then automatically keeps it up to date.

ManageSoft 6.1 also enables efficient management of existing software licenses. It combines automatic detection of software installed on every computer throughout an organization with powerful minute-by-minute graphical reporting in a central software warehouse. Up-to-the-minute company summaries and individual business unit reports provide administrators with precise inventory data for license negotiations with software vendors. Automatic license breach alerts enable administrators to avoid costly license breaches. Easy allocation, and reallocation, of existing licenses across multiple business units enables efficient use of existing licenses. It also enables accurate charge-back of license costs to individual business units.

ManageSoft 6.1 is available now from ManageSoft Corporation and a range of Accredited ManageSoft Partners including Siemens Business Services, Scalable Software, BV Solutions Group, and Computer Resource Visions (an authorized US federal government supplier: GSA GS-35F-0637K).