So I was recently tasked with creating a silent install for HP Fortify 3.40 to 3.50. I searched for any tips on ITNinja and did not find any for this software, hence the post

The initial plan was to create a response transform using the MSI extracted from the EXE package using Installshield Editor. Then create a batch file to first import the certificate that was created for the group of users in our domain who were allowed this software.

But that did not work out as I was unable to create a response transform using the fortify MSI. Whenever I tried I kept getting this error message.

"An error occurred while generating a Response Transform. Would you like to open a blank transform instead of a Response Transform?"


After some googling I figured the best way to get past this was adding the ISSETUP=1 property using the property manager installshield editor and save the MSI and then try. As it happens it didn’t work out too well, I was able to get past the error but none of the binaries actually worked after install.

I tried a different tack and was succesful by creating an answer file for the setup itself. I used


which recorded a setup.iss file in the location specified.

The setup.iss file could then be edited in notepad to specify the location of the license

The highlighted location was the part I needed to modify to pull the license off our fileshare. So instead of:




I would modify it to :




Which very conveniently did not involve keeping the license on the same location as the binaries.

Now all I needed to figure out was a way to install the certificate and then run the setup unattended using the answer file.

Installing the certificate involved the use of certutil:

certutil -addstore -user -f ”My” %locationofcert%\certifictate.cer

next I had to run the install itself and keep the window open while it installed. So i created a batch file and specified

echo Importing digital licence...

certutil -addstore -user -f ”My” %locationofcert%\certifictate.cer

echo Installing HP fortify X64 start /w C:\Users\TausifKhan\Desktop\installer\x64\HP_Fortify_3.40_SCA_and_Apps_Windows_x64.exe /s /f1C:\Users\TausifKhan\Desktop\installer\x64\setup.iss

Which seemed to do the trick, the only problem was that I also needed to specify the location of setup.iss itself explicitly on the batch file. Apart from that this worked beautifully.