Camwood, the UKÂ’s leading enterprise application packaging company, has launched a new service called Windows XP Service Pack 2 Impact Assessment to help companies accelerate the deployment of this critical product upgrade.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 introduces a higher level of security and resilience into the product but these benefits will come at the expense of some application functionality.

Identifying which products will be affected from a portfolio of tens, hundreds or thousands can be time consuming and expensive. To accelerate this process the Camwood Windows XP Service Pack 2 Impact Assessment dynamically searches configuration settings of applications and reports back on areas that need immediate attention.

The time saved can be significant. Application redevelopment can be focused on those packages known to have possible issues, shortening the roll out of this important update.

Frank Foxall, CEO at Camwood, said of the new launch,” As leaders in our field we are constantly looking at how we can help companies find smarter ways to increase the deployment of Microsoft Windows XP and become less vulnerable to security attack.”

“For companies that are under pressure to deploy SP2 we would strongly advise them to make the investment in our assessment service. The detailed information we can provide will not only minimise the time taken to deploy the new upgrade, but will also significantly reduce any system downtime,” added Frank.