The correct approach to the network monitoring, which can only provide competent professionals, enables timely identification of possible problems in the current system, and to carry out maintenance of statistics of their condition.

    Through network monitoring software in the event of an emergency situation, you can quickly identify the problem, fix it as soon as possible and do not allow it.


Who needs monitoring?

 As a rule, the company employs a system administrator in the daily duties include quite a wide range of works.

    Checking the server, inspection equipment.

    Check the operation of services (web, application, etc.).

    Control of the system, the amount of free space, RAM, etc.

    Operating check office.

    Checking the backup job.

To avoid potential problems, it is necessary to carry out regular monitoring of network and software. Specialists work in such a way that both the system administrator have learned about the possible problems before they occur, could prevent them in time, has the opportunity as soon as possible to check all systems.