Step 4: Perform Test Case Tests

Many testcases are possible, even automated ones

for the manual tests I've been using the following set:

  1. Validation
    Just use the ICE validation to confirm the integrity of your repackaged application.
    Be sure to ignore most issues , but focus on the ones that could cause issues when deploying the MSI.
  2. Create a Snapshot with the repackaging Wizard ( multiple step) on a CLEAN MACHINE.
    1. Install the MSI with logging, advertised (if possible) and silent :  check the logfile for errors / warnings
    2. start the application and see if the repair works
    3. test the application with simple functional skills.. (start, stop , print, save, open , connect etc...)
    4. log-out and log-in with a restricted user
    5. test again if the application still functions ( use procmon if you have doubts)
    6. log-out / reboot
    7. log-in as an Administrator
    8. Uninstall the application
  3. Create a 2nd snapshot and analyse the results.. 
    1. there should be no residu left of the application ( besides the HKCU / Profile)
    2. if there is residu , you should configure your MSI to remove those resources during uninstall


Other tests are based on TEST CENTER / CHANGEBASE / APPDNA ETC.. to deepdive into the application and check for compatibility .